Greengate Power Corporation is developing 1,450 MW of wind energy projects on approximately 165,000 acres of private land across Alberta.

Many of Alberta’s best wind resources are located in areas that are transmission constrained, and require significant transmission system upgrades to exploit their potential resources. However, Greengate’s portfolio of projects are in areas with strong wind resources, are geographically diverse, and are in transmission rich areas of Alberta.

By taking this unique approach, Greengate’s projects are positioned to exploit the strong wind resources of Alberta, with few, if any required transmission upgrades. This allows for additional wind energy to be integrated into the transmission system, with minimal impact to rate payers. Clearly, this is the most efficient way to meet Alberta’s growing demand for electricity from renewable sources.

Featured Project: Paintearth

The 150 MW Paintearth Wind Project is being developed on approximately 37,000 acres of private land located in Central Alberta 40 km east of the Town of Stettler. Consisting of flat cultivated land and grazing land, the project has an excellent wind resource based on data collected since November 2007.